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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to fix the economic crisis :

Investment by spending !

The problem of the current economic crisis is not that there is no money.  The problem is that people don't spend their money and prefer to save it for later.

Despite the fact that the returns on savings are not even sufficient to compensate inflation, people rather keep their money at hand then spend it.  "You never know what might come!" or "I'm saving it for later!" are often heard.

So, to help this crisis resolve, we just need to guarantee people that they will get their money back if they spend it in the local economy.   Let's do a campaign "Spend your money now, and get it back when you need it later!".

It's a win-win;  People will be more happy because they're spending their money again, companies will have more earnings and pay better salaries, and the government will receive more taxes ...
With more salary comes more spending, with more taxes comes more investment, with more revenue comes more jobs .... 

Et voilà .... problem solved.

Latere toevoeging, met dan aan Martien.
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  1. Hoi Geert, jij was het dus die naast mij in de file stond en uit je raampje riep: "ik tel tot drie en dan gaan we allemaal 100 rijden" :-))