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Friday, October 26, 2012

Playing the audience

The audience will never forget this !

This is Brilliant !
Look how easily he gets this crowd to experiment and collaborate.


  1. Awesome. But don't forget that he might be using something that is genetically hardwired. If you'd use a different scale this might not work.

    Analogy: if you give a kid a ball he will instantly start playing with it properly. If you give him an iPhone (and he's never seen one) he'll throw with it and then revert back to the ball.

    Causing collaboration and experimentation with natural skills like singing and dancing is _much_ easier than causing it with unnatural skills like math and programming.

    Don't attribute all that to mr. Bobby McFerrin, give human nature some credit too.

    That said, Bobby McFerrin is a genius.

  2. Interesting ! Thanks.
    I would think that singing and dancing is beyond most adult's comfortzone.

    Love the bumbelbee :-)