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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Great goals for great results

I've done some research to the effect of setting a goal and it's impact on the actual result achieved.

I've come up with a mnemonic to remember the essence:

In order to make a Goal really  effective, remember BEACHPARTY.

  • B - Beleivable
    • Can people really beleive in the achieving of this goal?
  • E - Exciting
    • Do people get really excited about it?  Is there intrinsic motivation to obtain the goal?
  • A - Active
    • Not thinking or beleiving, but activities lead to results.   Is the goal formulated in an active way?  Does it contain a verb?
  • C - Changeabe
    • The world changes rapidly; Can the goal be easily adapted to a new reality?
  • H - Harmonious
    • Does this goal fits in with your other goals?
  • P - Precise
    • Is the goal written down unambiguously?
  • A - Attitude
    • The main goal of having a goal is to trigger a certain attitude that will lead towards the achieving af the goal.  What's the attitude you have in mind ?
  • R - Results
    • What results will be obtained when the goal is achieved?
  • T - Team
    • Who shares this goal with you?
  • Y - Why
    • Is it clear why this goal is meaningful?
    • How will you celebrate your success when achieving this goal?
Good luck with this!
Feel free to share your goals in comment.
*Very interested *

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