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Monday, November 5, 2012

Agile is natural behaviour. It's not a management theory

The word 'Agile' is not worth protecting.  
On the other side, I believe you're missing an important point here;
Agile is different; it's not a complex management theory like the balanced scorecard, shareholder value or management by objectives.  Agile is simple, easy to understand and for everyone. 

Before 2001, a lot of people were already working 'Agile' for years.  They just did things like that because, to them,  it's the only sensible  way of doing things.   Then in 2001 all of a sudden thousands of people recognized their own ideas in the Agile Manifesto.

It's natural behaviour for a huge amount of super intelligent, super motivated knowledge workers.  Look around you!  Talk to developers & testers instead of managers, consultants and coaches.   Many of these guys -who do the actual work- truly don't care about the word 'Agile', but they have no choice but acting 'Agile' because it's their natural behaviour. 
It's just that behaviour, that mindset, which will last because this generation has no choice; it's in their genes.

'Agile' as a management theory might be a fad, as you say; But hey,... it never was a management theory after all so who cares.
'Agile' as a brand might not survive.  All those making a lot of money while they take a ride on the success of this brand, will find a new cool word to make their marketing stick.  So who cares? 

But 'Agile' as a concept will survive in the behaviour and culture of millions of knowledge workers all over the world.

[ This post is a reaction this post of Jurgen Appelo ]

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